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how do i beat the game


There's no ending to it, but if you've bought every golden ball upgrade you can consider that beaten :)

So I'm wondering not to be rude or anything but are you still planning to make a mobile version of this or have you set that aside to work on other games?

NP, this game is still my main focus and I've been working on it. I do do some gamejams from time and time but that's the only other side stuff.

Thank you I appreciate you replying I hope you do well with this game and others.




Putting that 4090 to good use!


I have beaten the game.



like game, just wondering when the next update adding stuff is happaning

Sorry, I don't really have a timeframe on that atm. Just kinda adding things as they are needed.


Has anyone noticed that the rays from the shrink rays don't touch the balls?

oh damn ur right


hehe "BALLS"


Took me weeks to come up with that.

i wish there were more stuff to get


Soon (tm)


tommorow, or trademark?


10000000000000000 out of 10 it is hard but fun 

Thanks for playing :)


magic needs to be stronger he said sarcastically

This game is hard, yet fun! I give it a 💯/🔟, which means AWESOMS!!!

Thanks, that's an excellent rating :)

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Thx And np


How you know the game is addictive: you try to play other games but you literally cant stop playing this single specific one because it is so good  💀


Lol that is quite the honor. Hopefully it ruins similar, real life activities like playing Kerplunk.


Good game, just that after the lightning is unlocked with the magic tower alongside the 5 free towers, you already win


It's definitely a short fast-paced game, and usually even more so if the player is pretty good at strategy!

please release the full game on here as well! 


The changes are pretty large and tuned to a mobile platform unfortunately. I don't think I'll be able to put a version here but I'll probably always be posting gamejams and prototypes here first.

that sucks

At least put a big announcement here so we can know when to download the mobile game!

Good idea, I'll definitely do that :)

could we have an effect for the explosion?(the magic explosion)


Yep I'm looking to add that into the updated version. That was one I couldn't squeeze into the 7 day gamejam timeframe fast enough.

i want more levels 

i feel like its approprate for the shrink ray to have a small object bunus a opposed to the concentrated fire

I'll be taking a look over all the weapons and upgrades again for sure!

in the web version is what i thought

i love to read comments and every time i read them i play the game again so i replayed it like 8 or 7 times:)

Definitely a super fan, I appreciate it :)


Amazing game, KEEP IT UP!, I think it's the third time I play this game, but it's the only time that I fully beaten it
It took me around 1 hour to complete it (counting the afk time for about 10 - 30 minutes)

Pictures to prove it below


Thanks a lot :) I'm always glad to see people coming back for more.


hope have more thing to play. e.g golden ball shop , weapon , stage. :)


Yes will absolutely have those.


Very nice game so far. The one issue is that the magic doesn't scale very well for the levels further down, or is it intended for some weapons to be used for certain stages


That's indeed the current state of the game where it's puzzle-ish where there are better answers than others. 

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Really good game

also pls nerf splitter


Thanks for playing :) In the future with more weapons I'll try to lean into having different ones be better at different things.


or buff the magic. It takes forever to do anything useful until the lightning is used :)

Deleted 143 days ago

the splitter is OP

legend says he still replies to comments to this day, and yet we still don’t know the release date for the full game. :(




i have 1007 golden balls!


Yall need to slow down~




jokes on you i had 1567 golden balls

Thanks for time killing!

Thanks for playing :)

this game is fun. I had 412 golden balls and the page reloaded and i lost it all!! please add a save feature!!

thank you PeachTreeOath for making this and please make more!!


Thanks so much and sorry for the progress loss. It's sorta a quick gamejam game so hopefully it wasn't too much time lost.


great game 8/10. Could use more levels or weapons but otherwise its all around good 


Thanks, will definitely be working on that for the future version.


Nice work, I enjoyed this. I managed to unlock everything, got >$5e6 and >341 golden balls pending.


Always crazy how far people push those GB numbers lol



I don't have any extensions and its not working at all
Can you fix this

The only suggestion I have is to try another browser. The game doesn't use any extensions, just HTML5 so it should run on most standard browsers. I hope that works out for you.

Has the game gotton an offical release on mobile yet?

Nope not yet, but it's getting there.

my record

Nice work!


I has over...

I trillion dollars!


This is the ball falling dream.


I just managed 16:57 clear time, defined by Drake's criteria (I got a ball through Micro with all purchases in GB shop). I remember unnecessarily losing a few seconds here and there. Something around 16:30 seems to be the theoretical limit.

I've played this game way too many times.

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ok I think that IS the fastest time I've seen! The previous fastest that I knew of was from this vid:

That vid doesn't even have as strict a req. It ends once the last upgrade is bought. Awesome job!

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Oh that guy wastes so much time :) You don't go for "magic" first, you go for  "ball drop rate" and then get 2 golden balls per round until you get "starting money". Once you get that much money, you keep using the shrink ray until you can get the next stage and the splitter. Then you use splitter in the second stage to wreak havoc until you can get the third stage and then you get magic. Next round you use splitter in the third stage and collect all golden balls. Restart one last time with all golden balls, and play until you get a ball through the last stage, and time is about 16:50. If I play as strictly as he did, hovering my mouse over the prestige button and click it the moment it changes, I'm sure I could do less than 16:30.


Ahhhhhh I was wondering how you shaved off so much time. It was a bit hard for me to know when the optimal time was prestige - that's probably the trickiest calculation.


I hope this gets an update at some point in the future. Really love this game, and I wish we had some more content to enjoy here.

Only real complaint I have is the fact that Magic keeps targeting balls that are already small enough to get through, thus wasting a fair bit of potential damage, but considering how short the game is, it ultimately makes little difference.

16:51 clear time (and by clear I mean I got a ball through Micro with all purchases in GB shop) Previous best was over 23 minutes, so I'm happy with this improvement.


Geez 17m is very fast.! I forgot what the record was but I know that number is well under mine.

Thanks for the support, I'm working hard on the new version but it's a lot of new stuff so it's taking me a while.


Take all the time you need. If I have to choose between playing something unfinished and unpolished today or wait six months and play the finished, vastly improved version - I'll gladly wait.

You've got a really cool concept here and I'm curious to see what changes and additions you'll bring in. My only request, in all honesty, is just 'More.' because I really like what you've got here and aside from the complaint about Magic's inability to discern healthy targets from zombies, I honestly can't think of anything I would want to adjust or change.

Really solid game so far, so keep it up.

Sometimes my game reloads and it does not save and I wanted to get so much monies. SO ADD A SAVE FETURE

or i will (not literaly) KILL YOU

Whoa that's a very strange issue! Apologies for no save feature, as this was made for a short game jam. I hope you can at least max out upgrades before the reload (some players have done it in 20 minutes), but yea, hoarding infinite monies will be impossible.

i did so

Cool game! Excited for the update!


Thanks for playing :)

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maybe the gold balls could add to the ball worth by like 1% or 0.1% per gold ball?

otherwise this game is quite fun.

Yea that would've been a nice and easy way to allow for super endgame. I never really expected people to play for this long honestly.

Dude this game is so good. I come back for a round every so often because it's just satisfying. Generally I like number go bigger but ball go smaller is just as good.

Haha I haven't heard that observation before. It's nice to add some variety to the numbers-going-up genre.

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Shrink Ray + Beam for Meter

Splitter + Buzzsaw  for Micrometer

Hex + Lightning for Millimeter makes the best combo!

That's an inherently flawed combination by nature, hex and shrink ray both do flat damage whereas splitter does percentage based damage, and since balls have more health based on how small they are you want the higher/percentage based damage for the higher health balls. Otherwise I'd say splitter on micro and hex on meter, just cuz hex kinda sucks


Miscalculations were made.... 

That's a great GPU benchmark test :)


I did this, my mac set itself on fire.

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