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holy shit this is fun

Thanks for playing!

this is my type of game, it's epic, good work! (dis is on my 'gud games' list :D)

Glad to hear it. It was built right to my tastes so I'm happy others share it!

is there going to be any updates coming to the game?

Nah this one was made for a weekend-long gamejam. I would very much want to make a full version one day though, but it'll be a ways from now.


Why bust a nut when you can bust a loop

Imma use this tagline for next november.

lol ok

I love this game I don't think it needs it but it would be cool if there was a co-op for like 1v1s

For 1v1 it might be a tad tricky, but I love coop games and think it'd be worthwhile to explore that avenue.

What about a version that plays like HORSE. Where you do a combo, and if they can't do the same combo in X tries, then they get a strike

I like that idea a lot. One of the best ways to do multiplayer with this kind of implementation, or even a combo of the day with leaderboards.

arcana punch and land mine are too hard to combo using, please buff them

Those moves are definitely pretty hard to use. The design of this game is to give the player increasingly harder attacks though, so the difficulty is intended. Those ones in particular take a bit of planning to combo with, good luck!


I think this game concept is SO cool and unique! You really found something new, and that's awesome.

Heartbreakingly crashed mid-combo once and refreshing made me lose the moves I'd unlocked, so some kind of save feature would be really nice. Plus it'd be nice to be able to come back to the game without having to start over. Also, I feel like some more background elements scrolling past would help a lot with keeping track of how you and the opponent are moving.

I think this concept totally has the potential to be expanded on, and I'd love to see that happen. Maybe individual characters with their own move sets. Environmental elements that you have to play around or incorporate. Opponents with different properties. I mean, the core concept is fun enough you could do all or none of that and have a good game.


Thanks so much :)

Yea, apologies for a lot of the missing QOL stuff, as this was made in a 48h gamejam. But I'm really glad you picked up on a lot of the vision I had with this. There are basically no good single player fighting game experiences, and this game expanded out could fill that gap. A lot of the things you mentioned (especially the individual characters) would be so fun to make and play. I'd really want to revisit this game in the future sometime!

Ahhh, hadn't even considered that it's totally filling the single player fighting game niche haha! Good point there.

I'd honestly be offended if you'd managed to make it non-buggy within a game jam. If there's any chance, though, of you finding the time/motivation to add one single thing to this version, I think any kind of save feature would be huge. I mean being able to come back to the game without losing your unlocked moves would instantly make it waaay more replayable.

Idk... just like a lil string in window.localStorage? Not that I know what I'm doing. It would just be awesome to see it without having to wait for a full version of the game, however fragile of a save it might be. I understand if it's not in the cards though :)

I gotta admit I didn't foresee some ways people would play the game. Some players had competitions where they tried to make the coolest combo from the same set of moves across the group. To do this they had to keep rerolling until they got it, which could take dozens of tries. A feature where you can purposely load a loadout would've helped in that instance. So I totally get what you mean with a few new features.

I'm pretty tied up nowadays so unfortunately I do have to set this project aside from now. In the meantime I do have this link if you ever want to quickly have all moves unlocked

You can click settings -> skip tutorial to get right into the game, hope that helps!


Oh perfect! Bless you for that link. Yeah, I think saw some of those gifs floating around. It's great to hear that people have taken to the game like that.

Well, if you ever decided to develop it further, I would definitely love to participate in the brainstorming/development somehow. Maybe I should get in your discord just in case that ever does happen haha. Thanks again, very cool game.

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any advice for making it run smoother?

edit: i ran it in firefox instead and it runs fine!

also i feel like the DP hitbox is weirdly small and also the game counts it as a miss early than i'd expect? is it like that on purpose?


Yea the DP is the most babby DP in the fighting game world lol. I mostly made it that way for balance reasons at the time, but if I ever revisit this project I'll have to doublecheck all the hitboxes.

Thanks for playing :)

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really fun little game! the direction that the dummy is moving in isn't always extremely clear with combos that turn around, just fixing that is basically the only thing I would change. keep up the good work :)


Thanks for the feedback! This is a game I'd like to make a full version of sometime far down the road so that'll be something I'll keep in mind.

just a black screen

Hmm that's very strange. I really don't have any other ideas other than trying a different browser. It launches and loads very quick for me.

hmm okay.

very cool game. though the ice spike feels like it lacks inpack and dragon fist sometimes just wiffs?

Yea, some of the moves intentionally have low knockup to make them require a bit more planning/execution to work with. As for dragon fist, it is a much shorter height than Ryu's dragon punch, so maybe it's just a tad too short. Thanks for the feedback :)

the direction you face can break and be especially annoying when right next to the dummy(?) but other than that it is a fun idea


Fun game with a novel idea. It would be neat to have an export mode to let people share their combos and let other's import and "play" them as a short clip; Perhaps with the millisecond delays measured between key presses and what was pressed, when.